French Latino

A unique identity

French Latino mixes the Latin and Eastern cultural universes by creating the first mix of Mediterranean Latin music.

A bridge between old and new horizons

Between the Algerian roots of Jean Paul, his life in Spain, and the Parisian life of his daughter Michelle. A journey of life became a path of artistic inspiration. French Latino takes us into the Latin music, with lyrics in French, Spanish and Italian with Mediterranean arrangements giving it a unique musical flavor, away from the beaten track

A Solar show

To listen, vibrate and dance through the music where the rhythm is king and where melodies remain in your head long after the song has ended. This is the French Latino experience.

A father and his Daughter

With complicity and complimentary to one another Jean Paul and his daughter Michelle, accompanied by the musicians, share with us an artistic intimacy both sensitive and very rich. Their feelings are omnipresent. Pains and happiness from their personal life are magnified within their music in order to deliver the audience a musical emotion that has probably not been experienced for a long time. French Latino is a total immersion experience.

  • Mina Hesam


    Love and respect from Iran😘😘😘thank god of music , poetry , dance for making world more pleasure

  • Vicente Sempere


    OMG! The francaise girl is very beautifull, she is like an angel!

  • Gabriela Diaz


    This is by far one of the most sexy things i ever experieced in music, whatever happens from now on, you guys made history

  • HH Prince Shahyar Pahlabod


    Amazing talent, all the players and especially the singers.. Close your eyes and let the music drift you away…. 😘 Ty..

  • 1st dude


    I melted when she started singing…mmmmmm soo captivating

  • Edwin Pascua


    Hair-rising masterpiece…bravo bravo!

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