La Herradura successfully hosted the French Latino concert

15. 05. 2018

With the collaboration of Almuñécar City Department of Culture and Education and La Herradura  Town hall mayor secretary, as planned, on May 5, French Latino performed at the Civic Center Auditorium of La Herradura. A concert where the audience enjoyed each of the songs, achieving a wonderful performance.
French Latino, began pre-concert weeks, with essays that made them enjoy Seville. City that welcomed them with all their musicians to have everything perfect for the big night.
Since its previous performance at La Herradura in 2014, it was a long-awaited concert. There were songs from the last album “La vie en Rose” :  “Escúchame”, “Frágil …
On stage gathered the entire team of great musicians accompanying the French artists Jean Paul and Michelle .
A resounding success that should be thanked to the kind audience that accompanied French Latino that night and made it possible for the concert to be fully lived and enjoyed .
A more than 10 years trajectory that is corroborated in its more than 31,000 followers on YouTube, and more than 12 million views. As well as the more than 45,000 followers around the world on Facebook.
This is just the beginning because soon you will feel the Mediterranean and Latin rhythms that make each song of French Latino so special in upcoming concerts.
Relive with us the wonderful night that they live during the concert in La Herradura through some of these images.

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Thank you very much everyone for joining them on such a special night.

Soon, much more!