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Dora Lewis

Salle St Exupéry, MENTON (France)

Fecha: June 16, 2019 15:00
Lugar: Salle St Exupéry, Menton
Tipo de evento: Tour
El concierto

Salle St Exupéry

FRENCH LATINO DE NUEVO EN CONCIERTO EN Francia…….Jean Paul y Michelle con sus músicos
More than 19 million people in the WORLD have seen and heard on YouTube the successful video of the song HISTORY OF A LOVE and LA VIE EN ROSE (their last album) taken over by FRENCH LATINO. Come and attend your concert in MENTON, you will have the privilege of listening to Jean Paul and his daughter Michelle and these fabulous songs in a UNIQUE performance which makes your EXITO WORLD … boleros, mambos, rumbas, tangos, cha cha cha … More than 10 years acting on stages around the world Latin, African and Mediterranean instruments (derboukas, djembes, congas, Spanish guitars, mandolins, piano, synthesizers …); and sung lyrics in Mediterranean languages (Spanish, French, Italian, … and English). St Exupéry theater in MENTON (NICE) 


Ticket: 25€

Information: Tél : 04 72 53 89 89 Patricia Roncin (French, Spanish, English, Deutch)

Mobile: 06 31 00 06 36 ( de 10h à 14h)