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Did you know that you can identify your favorite songs with your mobile?

Did you know that you can identify your favorite songs with your mobile?

That mobiles have become one of our most limbs is nothing new. Perhaps the least used function is to make a phone call: we can listen to music, take photos, surf the internet and even guide us through cities we do not know.

We want to add a particularly important function for music lovers: identify the song that is playing.

Hasn’t it happened to you when you listen to a song on the radio and have it in your head all day but are unable to find it? You no longer have to know the name of the songs to listen to them over and over again, your mobile does it for you.

Numerous apps, such as the original Shazam or later Google itself, have developed systems that listen to music and identify the name of the song, the album and even offer information about the artists and other information of interest.

Useful, right? You just have to open the app and let it listen to the music that is playing for a while for it to work. The latest apps even allow you to hum songs that we have in mind so that you can try to identify them.french-latino-pack

We are convinced that you are going to have reasons not to put your phone away at any time. You can start with the French Latino topics and see if they offer you the information you didn’t know yet.

May you enjoy French Latino music even more!

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