Christmas traditions in Spain

Christmas traditions in Spain

Spain is a very large country with great differences in terms of customs and traditions. However, when Christmas arrives, almost everyone agrees on what is typical.

We will tell you about some of the traditions with which the holidays are celebrated in this country, from the most traditional, such as the Bethlehem, to the most curious, such as New Year’s grapes.

Put the nativity scene

  The Christmas nativity scene is a representation of the birth of the Child Jesus, they recreate small miniature cities representative of passages of the Catholic tradition such as the Birth of Jesus or the Adoration of the Kings.

Simpler nativity scenes are made (with figures such as the Child, Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary, the ox and the mule) and others full of varied and original characters.

They are also installed in the streets and in private premises and are exposed to the public so that anyone can visit them.

Christmas lottery

December 22 is a day full of hope, because this date is the date for the extraordinary draw for the Christmas Lottery. It is a very traditional and extended raffle, since summer approximately, people begin to buy tickets for this massive game.

The first was held in the year 1812. Since 1957, it has been broadcast live on television, and it is common for people to follow it live, even from work.

It is characterized because the numbers and prizes are awarded by children from the San Ildefonso College , an old orphanage.

Take 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve

They are known as lucky grapes and are taken at midnight on December 31 following the twelve chimes of the Puerta del Sol clock in Madrid and other municipalities in Spain through which it has spread.

Many people go to the squares where the clocks whose chimes are broadcast are located to live the moment live and, later, celebrate the entry of the new year.


What do you think of these curious customs? Are there any similar ones in your country? Tell us in the comments.