The 5 best European destinations to celebrate the end of the year

The 5 best European destinations to celebrate the end of the year

Taking advantage of the approaching New Year, we will tell you about some of the places where this celebration is most magical, either because of their original customs or because they celebrate it with special interest.

Prague, the city of a thousand domes.

In the capital of the Czech Republic, you can spend an incredible New Year’s Eve night. Its baroque buildings together with the fireworks display at midnight create a unique atmosphere.

The best points to enjoy are Staromistske Square, Stare Mesto Square, and Wenceslas Square. From the Castle, you can always have a calmer experience.

Madrid, the big European apple.

Madrid, known for its gastronomic and leisure experiences, among others, is not far behind when it comes to New Year’s celebrations.

Enjoy the grapes in Puerta del Sol and experience a different New Year’s Eve.

Istanbul, the city between east and west.

One of the attractions of this city at any time is the mixture of cultures that is breathed.

On New Year’s Eve, Taksim Square becomes the epicenter of the celebrations, but you can enjoy the evening and its shows from one of the panoramic rooftops throughout the city.

Porto, the city of bridges.

Porto is the perfect city for a few days’ getaways, much calmer than the previous ones. The fact that it is so cozy, and the short distance between places to visit makes it an ideal destination for those who want to discover new places taking advantage of the New Year’s Eve festivities.

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