Aromatic plants: give a Mediterranean touch to any dish

Aromatic plants: give a Mediterranean touch to any dish

 Usually adapted to the palates of each region, herbs and aromatic plants enhance dishes with recognizable flavors and aromas. Discover how to give a fresh and Mediterranean touch to your dishes regardless of where you live with these simple tricks.

 These plants can be used fresh or dried, providing different nuances. In addition, they have various properties that can be beneficial to the body.

-Parsley: with a large amount of vitamin C, with a small portion you get all you need for a day.

-Mint: in natural medicine, it is used to relieve nausea and intestinal problems. Its fresh flavor combines perfectly with sweet dishes. It also has stimulating properties and helps us feel more energetic.

– Basil: especially aromatic when fresh. With a strong and intense fragrance, you can love it or hate it. Very typical of Mediterranean countries, especially Italy.

– Dill: with a delicate and characteristic flavor, it combines especially well with salmon and other oily fish.

These are just some of the hundreds of herbs that are used in Mediterranean cuisine and give a special touch to your dishes.

What spices and herbs are used in your country? What are your favourites?

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