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Did you know the origin of Black Friday?

Did you know the origin of Black Friday?

Black Friday is today one of the most famous days in terms of shopping and consumption, but do we know why it is celebrated?

The tradition of Black Friday comes from the United States. It takes place after Thanksgiving and is a great business phenomenon to increase the sales in a few days of less activity.

Nowadays, it has become known for the great discounts and the furor that is generated, especially in its country of origin.

What is its origin?

It is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It dates back to the 1960s, when American retailers saw the need to take advantage of holiday shopping. The term Black Friday was first read in a 1961 newspaper in the city of Philadelphia, which warned of the chaos that was lived in the streets due to the sales the day after Thanksgiving.

Surprisingly, this term began to be used among the traffic police officers of that city and spread throughout the United States from 1975 and from there to the rest of the world.

Over time, another explanation emerged at the end of Black Friday, referring to the accounting of businesses that go from being in the red to black (positive) thanks to the increase in sales.

This year it is celebrated on November 26 and, of course, in the French Latino store, we have got some surprises.

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