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Dora Lewis

Enjoy our songs in just one click

Fill your days of love, rhythm and joy through our latest album “La Vie en Rose” composed of 14 songs. Our last success puts the icing on our path, being the third album on which we have turned our passion. But we also want each and every one of our songs to be close to you.
Where can you listen to all our songs? It’s very simple, in just one click! Yes, we tell you the different platforms so you can listen to us.



Travel back in time listening from the first song of our album released in 2009 to our album  “Suerte ” in 2013.
You can also follow us so you can listen to all our songs faster. Start now!



If you like to enjoy our music, through our YouTube channel you can live our live concerts or special songs, to feel as if you were in one of our concerts.

Online store : fisical CD or Download

If you want to listen to us without problem, wherever you are: in your car, at home, from your mobile phone … you can buy our physical CDs or digital download. You can even download our songs individually so you can have the ones you like the most.

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