How will we feel the music when everything ends?

How will we feel the music when everything ends?

That music that fills us with hope and joy is something that all lovers of it knew. However, perhaps we couldn’t have imagined the importance that music would have taken on in such moments as those we are experiencing today.

No one (or hardly anyone) would have imagined that the Duo Dinámico could appear on the same playlist as Jon Bon Jovi … until the coronavirus arrived to turn everything upside down. And it is that ‘Resistiré’ is, along with ‘Sobreviviré’ by Mónica Naranjo, one of the hymns most often heard on balconies, markets, and even hospitals.

And they won’t be alone, because artists and composers like Joe Crepúsculo or Playa Cuberris, and even Alejandro Sanz and or Jon Bon Jovi are joining this musical wave by publishing new songs inspired by everything that is happening around us because of the terrible expansion of the coronavirus.

It seems that in times of crisis the differences between us are minimized.



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