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Presentation of the FRENCH LATINO SHOW concert!

Presentation of the FRENCH LATINO SHOW concert!

Dear friends,

We are proud to recall with this short video some of the best moments of our new “spectacle” FRENCH LATINO SHOW last April 10, where the encounter of Latin dance and French Latino music came together and married in a fluid way, visually beautiful and full of warmth and warm colors.

The choreographies are original with talented Andalusian and Argentine dancers with their resplendent dresses and outfits that filled the eyes of all the attendees with the beauty of the women and the charisma of the harmonious movements of the men.

The intervention in the show of a FLAMENCO guitarist first who sounds the strings of his “guitar” to make you feel in the depths of your soul the nostalgia of the wood fires and smoky grills on the beach and finally the entrance on stage of the flamenco dancer who captures with her beauty and her dance the entire audience amazed at so much beauty and frenetic rhythms.

As a finishing touch, Michelle and Jean-Paul accompanied by their musicians from Seville, Almería, Granada, and even Paris, transport you through their music, their songs and their voices in an unparalleled setting that unites their talents, their rhythms, and their energies. in original melodies as well as versions of international songs but in a UNIQUE way thanks to its orchestrations which transmit to our hearts all the universal values ​​that are beauty, music, rhythms, LIGHTS, and voices that create a MUSICAL rainbow UNIQUE with a DAZZLING end of the Live Show.

We all enjoyed a beautiful evening with the FRENCH LATINO SHOW.

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