Seasons in the Mediterranean area

Seasons in the Mediterranean area

Many of those who follow us do so from the other side of the ocean, specifically from Brazil.

Many times we do not take into account that, while here we are on the beach, suffering from heat waves or simply enjoying the sun, in many areas of Brazil the climate is completely different.

Regarding the Mediterranean climate, it follows the classic patterns of the four seasons of the northern hemisphere: summer between the months of June and September and winter from December to March.

However, it generally has some peculiar characteristics: less rainfall, therefore, droughts are frequent, milder temperatures throughout the year, and many sunny days.

On the other hand, in Brazil, much of its territory is in the southern hemisphere, which means that the seasons are inverse to the Mediterranean ones.

It is true that Brazil is a huge country and there are many differences between its climates, although the following stand out:

– A summer with high humidity, because 90% of the territory is in the tropical zone.

– The northern area has humid and mild climates, it is the Amazon area.

– In the southern zone there are summer storms and greater variability of temperatures between seasons.

– Finally, in the central region, the summers are suffocating with up to 40º and the winters are relatively mild.

Interesting, right? It seems incredible that, in other places, an August with snow is normal, when, for us, it is unimaginable.

Tell us about the weather in your region in the comments and help us learn.

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