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Dora Lewis

Today we will talk to you about 15 curiosities about music that you surely did not know

Today we will talk to you about 15 curiosities about music that you surely did not know

Listening to music is one of the few activities that involve the use of all parts of our brain.

When listening to music, your heart modifies its beats to try to imitate the rhythm of the music you listen to.

Do you know that having a song playing all day in our head and not being able to stop it it’s called musical worm?

When listening to rock or pop, our physical resistance can increase by 15%.

When we listen to music, dopamine is released into our brain, like when you take drugs or eat.

Music can help us in the processes of reasoning and greatly improves the motor areas of our brain. That is why it is believed that music emerged to “help us all move together”.

Research has shown that what we feel when we listen to a song is very similar to what the rest of the people in the same place are experiencing. (This is why we make so many friends at concerts!) The music listened to is stored in different areas of the brain than those of memories, that’s why people with Alzheimer’s are able to remember melodies from their past.

Listening to loud music can cause us to drink more quickly in less time. Now we understand why the music is so high in the clubs.

Playing a musical instrument can improve verbal communication.

Flowers can grow faster if there is music around them.

The type of music that we like at the age of 20 is usually the type of music that we will like the rest of our lives. Babies learn the meaning of the emotions in music earlier than the meaning of the words.

The way in which we conceive the world is conditioned by the type of music we listen to.

Music is the art of combining sounds in a way that is pleasant to the ear.

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