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Dora Lewis

Visit the French Latino store

Visit the French Latino store

A gift that you can give away to yourself or that the people you love the most will always thank you for. We present you the different options that you can find in our French Latino web store.

– If you want to make your own selection, in the discography section you can find the individual songs from our albums so that you can buy them independently and create your playlist as you like.

– unconditional fan? Find out more about French Latino on our DVD Concert en France or our streaming concert in La Herradura.

– Surely many times you want to listen to one of our songs over and over again or perhaps you want to have several single songs from different albums, that’s why we have thought about offering the possibility to buy single songs so you can listen to them at the right time.

– Finally, we remind you that you can find a great offer with our pack of three CDs at the best price.


Our store is very simple:

1- Access the DISCOGRAPHY section if you want to buy individual songs

2 – Access the STORE section if you want to find complete CDS, DVDS

3- Select your digital songs or complete cds / dvds.

4- Add to cart and follow the payment process.

5- And you will have finished your purchase


The most important thing is that you always enjoy good music. You can follow and discover more about French Latino on our social networks.

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