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Dora Lewis

We have exceeded 123,000 followers on YouTube!

We have exceeded 123,000 followers on YouTube!

 At the beginning of the year, we had unforgettable moments and we know that many of you have wanted to be there with us.

But we have not been aware of how quickly time has passed and how much this family is growing.

A few months ago we thanked you for bringing us up to 100,000 followers on YouTube, but today there are more than 123,000 friends on YouTube and almost 170,000 on Facebook.

We continue to be as excited as the first day, working on our passion and creating new and exciting projects that we want you to be a part of, like our new hit “Bolero 21” which has seen the light after a few difficult months and hard work.

In a very short time our new album “MERCI” will be released, of which the song “Bolero 21” is part. We can’t wait to share it with all of our friends and followers.

We want to take advantage of the opportunities that these great platforms give us to share our music, our way of life and be closer to you.

Again, thank and send all our love to those of you who are there and to those who are yet to arrive. We hope to continue getting excited about our music and sharing every moment with you.

Thanks again and see you soon

Let’s continue enjoying music, our shared passion.