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Dora Lewis

What do you know about the beginnings of French Latino?

What do you know about the beginnings of French Latino?

Our family has grown so much that many of you may not know it, but this is our story: In 2009, French Latino was born, the last installment of Jean Paul’s career that decided to share the stage with his daughter Michelle. Then begins an intense period of lyrics composition of his first album entitled

“Guarda la Esperanza”, supported mainly by the wife of Jean-Paul. This is the album that starts a style with Mediterranean and African roots.

The success of the first album has given rise shortly after to the composition of its following albums: “Suerte” and “La Vie en Rose”. Giving the group a rhythmic freshness and new air. Since then they have participated in festivals, such as the renowned Starlite in Marbella or Perelik in Bulgaria, performances that have reached Brazil where the French Latino

community has grown incomparably.

And you, did you know our beginnings? Thank you very much for being part of this family that grows more and more every day.


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