What is the Mediterranean lifestyle that French Latino represents?

What is the Mediterranean lifestyle that French Latino represents?

That French Latino songs mix Mediterranean rhythms and Latin music is well known. However, outside the Mediterranean countries, the lifestyle that characterizes them is not so well known.

French Latino is fortunate to be able to enjoy a country like Spain, where Jean-Paul resides and where Michelle often comes: sun, friendliness of people or enviable gastronomy are some of the main characteristics of these countries, we will tell you about them all.

Outdoor life stands out mainly: the pleasant and mild climate on the shores of the Mediterranean allows you to enjoy long days with blue skies, starry nights and beautiful colors of the sea.

This climate also makes it possible to especially take advantage of outdoor activities: social life abroad is one of the main characteristics of this society: sports, cultural activities, music and gastronomy make up very important parts of Mediterranean life.

A special character: open and social by nature characterizes people from Mediterranean countries. Visitors will find themselves especially comfortable and welcomed by the locals.

Finally, and perhaps the best known internationally, the famous Mediterranean diet. One of the healthiest diets in the world that help prolong life and health. Especially relevant within it are olive oil, legumes, fish and, it could not be otherwise, good wine, one of the greatest Mediterranean pleasures.

In your country, what are the traditions? Do you follow a lifestyle similar to the Mediterranean?

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