All the details of the New French Latino Album

All the details of the New French Latino Album

With the new year, the news are approaching in the French Latino discography and we are looking forward to the new project coming to light. New rhythms, new songs, and new inspirations to add to the French Latino collection with a highly anticipated fourth album.

We have carried out this little interview for Jean-Paul and Michelle to tell us all the details, at least as many as they can:

What do you think of the new album?

Michelle: it represents the atmosphere of Sinatra, the atmosphere of a crooner with metal instruments .

What do you like about the new album?

Michelle: I am happy to update the songs that I have loved since my beginning as a singer to give them new life with these new arrangements. Revisiting the classics brings them back to life.

What kinds of songs does the new album include?

Jean-Paul: always well-known songs, some international but arranged with French Latino salsa and 6 or 7 original songs composed by me.

What changes compared to other albums?

Jean-Paul: Another color – more marked Latin rhythms and especially many songs in the Bolero style and an original with bolero color but with BACHATA inspiration, surely with choreography as well.

Would you add something else?

Jean-Paul: We will take more care of the arrangements – the sound – and we will highlight the percussions and therefore the rhythms…. It is IMPORTANT for us to show fans around the world the French touch but also the originality of the melodies of the songs in my composition – the sounding arrangements and especially this time also the sound of metal instruments .

We know that there are many fans wanting to know everything that this new album is going to include but this is all that can be anticipated for now, this project will see the light soon and we are looking forward to sharing it with you. Surely after the success of the last albums, you will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned to our website and our social networks to find out all the news before anyone else.

See you soon and a lot of rhythm.

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