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Dora Lewis

Curious customs of the inhabitants of Mediterranean countries.

Curious customs of the inhabitants of Mediterranean countries.

The countries of the Mediterranean area share some characteristics, customs and traditions, highly influenced by their common historical development, their climate and their close geographical location.

In this post we will tell you some curiosities that you may not have considered.

In general, the hours of sleep are lower in countries such as Greece and Spain, although it’s in those where they rest more. Maybe because of their  better climate, which allows them to take advantage of the night hours for leisure?

This is reflected in the fact that these two countries are also the ones that reserve the most time for leisure and social relations, around two and a half hours a day, within the European average.

By contrast, another country in the area, Portugal, is characterized by above-average hours of sleep and less leisure time.

Compared to northern European countries, leisure time and social relations throughout the year is greater, as well as work time is greater in the North.

Something is clear, that part of the characters of the people are similar: warmth, friendliness and openness to the outside are characteristics of all the countries of southern Europe.

Interest in outdoor activities, gastronomy and the family as the center of social relationships are also


It is obvious that it should not be generalized because each society has its own particularities that make it unique. But it is interesting to see how neighboring countries live in similar ways even with their differences.

We encourage you to visit these wonderful countries when you have the opportunity and to comment in the section below with your opinions and ideas.


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