Do you know the social networks for music lovers?

Do you know the social networks for music lovers?

Music is something we do in society, we discuss our tastes with the people around us, we listen to it when we go out, at parties, events, even in the car.

Music is an important point of connection for many people, and today streaming music platforms increasingly function as true social media.

The consumption of digital music is already double that of physical music in Spain. The figures of the Spanish market are clear: listeners prefer the Internet to listen to music. Some of the most popular music social networks currently are:

Last.fmthis social network allows the user to build a musical profile using two different methods. The first is through listening to your personal collection in a music application with a plugin, while the second is by listening to the radio service through the website itself.

Musiconecta is a one hundred percent Spanish initiative and works a bit like a “Yellow Pages” of music. Musicians, bands, concert halls, the press, service companies or followers will be able to connect with each other to expand the network of contacts and opportunities.

Kompoz, online collaboration space for musicians. A virtual community in which people from different places, languages and even hemispheres collaborate in the creation of musical compositions.

Reverbnationa social platform aimed at promoting and disseminating new figures in the world of music, so that: artists, record labels, representatives and followers will have a place to interact. If we register as fans we will be able to search for concerts close to our geographical situation, vote, share or buy the songs that we like the most, as well as listen to our personalized radio with styles and singers of our choice.

Smule is a singing app where thousands of people share their versions of songs and sometimes contests, challenges or people perform with renowned artists.

Spotify: there are music professionals who consider it a social network and others who see it as a simple music service. What is clear is that it is a service that connects artists and fans.

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