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Dora Lewis

How has the music sector changed after the pandemic?

How has the music sector changed after the pandemic?

That the year 2020 has been difficult for everyone is not a secret, many industries, including music, have had to reconvert . We tell you the news that have been appearing in the sector.

If Spotify was the largest community of music lovers streaming, now the catalog is much wider: Apple Music, Pandora or YouTube Music makes competition.

In addition, social networks have popularized music in a very important way, who does not know Tik Tok or Instagram Reels?

If there is a sector that has had to make a 180º turn, it is the one of concerts and events. All artists, including French Latino, have been forced to innovate with streaming concerts, given the restrictions on large concentrations of people.

Our tastes and behaviors have adapted, and so has the music we listen to, where and when we do it.

We have discovered the pleasure of listening to our favorite songs at all times and places, and we have managed to make music fill many of the moments of our day.

padrino-michelle-french-latinoHow do you think the digital music sector will evolve? Are you one of the addicts to digital music?

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