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How to know a little more about the musical elements

How to know a little more about the musical elements

Music is possible thanks to two main elements, the voice and musical instruments. Without them

the melodies and soundtracks that we all know would be unthinkable.

However, musical instruments are quite unknown to the general public. There was a time when musical training could only be obtained in conservatories but currently, the internet allows us to share our knowledge with anyone; today we tell you a little about the different types of instruments.

The new classifications, somewhat broader than the traditional one, make it possible to distinguish:

Aerophones: instruments that produce sound from the air that circulates through reeds, mouthpieces, etc. Some are the flute or the accordion.

Chordophones: they use the tension of their strings to generate a sound either by rubbing, like the violin; pinching, like the guitar, or pulsing, like the piano.

Idiophones: which are those that are made with sound elements, such as percussion instruments such as castanets.

Membranophones: that produce sound by acting on the membranes of instruments such as drums.

Did you find it interesting? Knowing more about the musical world is always curious, especially for those of us who are music lovers.

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