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Learn more about the music industry, who is the artistic director?

Learn more about the music industry, who is the artistic director?

 What are his work and his importance in the process of creating a musical album?

The figure of the artistic musical director is

one of the most important in the music panorama industry and also one of the most unknown.

His work is essential in the process of creating the final result that will reach the public, he is ultimately responsible for the project that has been commissioned to come true. A beautiful reality.


The selection of the artistic director will vary depending on whether his proposal is considered to be the one that best conveys the image and feelings that the artists have in mind when creating their song.

The artistic director can also be the author of the song, or the sound engineer of the recording, or interpret all the instruments.

But it does not always happen that way. What always happens the same way is that he must convey his vision of the project’s outcome. Also, the more tools and knowledge he has about the process and the techniques involved in it, the more likely it is that that song will eventually come true just as he envisioned it.


It is also essential that if the artistic director and the artist understand each other so that what is obtained is a song or album as they both had imagined.

So it is required that he has not only musical and compositional knowledge but also technical and computer skills, which allow him to take advantage of the tools available for artistic creation and even organizational planning so that he can direct the process and that the group does not deviate from the target.

We hope this post has helped you to learn more about our work and how the music industry works and especially about the lesser-known figure of the artistic director, invisible to the public, but fundamental for the records to sound the way they do.

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