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Now it’s easier to explore with YouTube

Now it’s easier to explore with YouTube

Social networks have changed the way and the moments in which we enjoy music, this, together with the pandemic, has meant a before and after in relation to our way of finding and consuming it.

Some platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, work through hashtags: tags that start with the # sign and that classify the content so that it is easier to find it.
However, these social networks are not specific to music.

The last to join this strategy has been YouTube, which stands out for the large number of music videos and concerts that we can find.

When we search for content on a specific topic, we can use # and the term we want in the platform’s search engine and it will show us a selection of videos that correspond to that term, provided that the content creators have tagged them.
For example, we can search for: #concert # Spanishmusic #mediterraneanmusic or #frenchlatino, in this way we can find videos from different channels on these topics.

Now you know how to use YouTube in a more advanced way. Explore and discover all the alternatives that it offers you and find new music, artists, or even videos of your favorite artists that you did not know yet.
The important thing is to enjoy music at your own pace and where you prefer.



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