Our experience in a streaming concert

Our experience in a streaming concert

As many of you should know, last month we joined this new trend of live online concerts. It is something that we have never considered before, nor has this COVID situation been experienced on other occasions. We have to admit that at first it was frustrating not being able to feel that closeness that you breathe in a live concert.

However, as the concert progressed, knowing that you were there supporting us was all we needed to keep going. It has been an enriching experience and has allowed us to reach many more of you than we would have been able of in other circumstances.

It is clear that it is something that has its advantages. But we want to get back there with you in person to see us live and enjoy together. Although regardless of the current situation that does not allow live concerts, we liked the streaming experience so much that we do not rule out doing it again with you.

Finally, thank again all those who were there and to those who couldn’t. All this is thanks to you and we do not have enough words to convey it.

We leave you some images of the concert so that you can enjoy them. Stay tuned to our social networks, because we will be publishing fragments and details.

An enormous hug to all of you.

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