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Dora Lewis

We answer your questions about French Latino

Last month, we announced a publication on our Facebook, so you can asked us anything you want to know about us. And we already have the answers!

Thank you very much to all those who are still here, we have answered with the greatest affection to your questions. Keep on reading to discover us:

Michelle and Jean Paul answer to the questions from the fans

When a concert in the USA? Peru?
FL: We don’t know, let’s hope in 2019

What connect you with Spain?
M: The fact that my father lives there allows me to come often enjoy the art of living in this country.
JP: I live and work here, my wife is Spanish and I love the Andalusian lifestyle!

Give us a date on which we could go to a concert in France or Spain
FL: At the moment we have nothing planned in Spain, but a project for this summer in France. Soon we will tell you all 😉

Where are you all from?
M: I’m from Paris, France where I’ve grown up
JP: I was born in Algeria when it was French , I have Italian and Spanish origins

When a new album?
FL: Our priorities at the moment is to make discover “La Vie en Rose” which come out in 2017, but maybe we will release a single or make a video clip

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