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The music that calms the animals.

The music that calms the animals.

If your pets suffer whenever there is lightning or a feast day that involves the use of pyrotechnics, the first recommendation is to stay inside your home in a safe place, where no doors or windows open or have access to balconies or terraces .

Choose a comfortable room (try to make it the one in which the noise of the fireworks is least heard) and place its bed or kennel in it, if it is used to sleeping there.

In addition, place your pet’s favorite toys there, so that it entertains and distracts its attention from the noise that causes its fear.

If your dog is very nervous and starts to tremble as soon as he begins to hear thunder or explosions, it may need some additional help, and you can provide it by putting on a harness specially designed for stressful situations.

These are vests that put a certain amount of pressure on the dog’s body and in this way make it feel more secure. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of music to help your furry friend calm down and cope better with this bad time. The ideal is to choose pieces of classical music and instrumental, used to meditate or practice yoga. There are music selections created especially for dogs on YouTube and Spotify.


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