The Spanish language in music

The Spanish language in music

If not so long ago English was the predominant language in the songs most listened to around the world, the popularization of numerous artists from Spanish-speaking countries, both from Spain and from Latin America, is changing the international music scene.

padrino-guitarraIt is evident that reggaeton and Latin music have had a very important role in the popularization of Spanish in the musical environment. Even the increasingly popular Trap has also contributed.

Although it is not a genre that is very accepted at the level, its impact is; not only because of what it has made known but because it has helped those of us who already speak Spanish to learn to enjoy the different accents and ways of expressing our language.

The role played by other more varied and different styles that have their origin in the old continent, as well as the well-known pop music, much more widespread for a longer time, must also be valued.

It is sure that more and more international references who speak Spanish are emerging and this places us in an important position worldwide: our style is valued and our culture is enjoyed. We make ourselves known and show the best of ourselves.

Spain has a huge creative talent to exploit and exporters of the language, however, there is a lack of such viral successes as those that are being achieved in Latin America.

This should be one of our musical goals. In an increasingly global world, music unites us and breaks borders, it helps us feel part of the same world.

We have to find a way to make ourselves heard and show our talent to all who can discover it.


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