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Dora Lewis

Wishes fulfilled

Wishes fulfilled

This year we have fulfilled the wishes we had last year more than ever, a better year than the previous one and that is always a reason for happiness.

For French Latino it has been a year full of emotion: New Theme and New Album about to see the light of day to offer you new rhythms and melodies. Our community that does not stop growing with fantastic people who support us in every step we take. We couldn’t be more grateful!

But whenever these dates arrive we like not only to review what the year has offered us, but to wish the best for next year and get excited about all the projects that are to come and because our

French Latino family continues to grow.

To all of you, I would like to thank you with all my heart for all the joys you give us, hoping to continue meeting your expectations and giving you the best moments. We also wish you health and happiness for next year and we hope that you will continue there.

French Latino will continue working in 2022 so that our music and our community continue to grow and be a reference.

Happy holidays, happy new year and may we continue to enjoy music.

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