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Dora Lewis

Did you know that music can influence our mood?

Did you know that music can influence our mood?

Slow songs produce feelings of calm and serenity, while fast songs bring joyful and exciting sensations.

The sharp notes help us feel more active as they act on the nervous system causing an alert attitude. On the contrary, use the deep sounds to relax and create a quiet environment.

As for the instruments, the string instruments are recommended both for when we are feeling bad, and for when we are feeling well. But if we are down, the happy sound of wind instruments will lift our spirits. Do you feel like partying? The percussion instruments help to activate and give us strength.

Music is, therefore, a fundamental stimulus in the life of human beings, it entertains us, it distracts us, it helps us to face problems, it stimulates the senses, it motivates us, it inspires us, it relaxes us … in short, it has the power to take the mood above worries.

And you, do you feel the effect of music on your mood? Tell us which song makes you feel better.

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