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Dora Lewis

Olive oil: the liquid gold of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle

Olive oil: the liquid gold of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle

Olive oil is especially consumed in Europe, especially in Mediterranean countries, whose climate favors the growth of these trees.

It is highly valued for its intense flavor, different from other oils such as seed oils, and for its qualities that make it unique, among others:

– Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, which protect the immune system and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

– Contains enzymes that help protect against some types of cancer.

– Helps fight against memory degeneration and its anti-inflammatory components relieve joint pain.

Since the time of ancient Greece, importance began to be given to the olive tree, awarding the winners of the Olympic Games a crown of olive branches.

In Roman times, the consumption of olive oil spread throughout the empire, and the olive industry experienced a boom.

Since then, the Spanish region of Andalusia has established itself as the main producer of this liquid gold, as it began to be known, given the intense yellow color of the highest quality variety: extra virgin olive oil.

Interesting? Tell us in the comments if you live in an area where olive oil is consumed or if you have typical foods from this area.

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