The Mediterranean Lifestyle lengthens life

The Mediterranean Lifestyle lengthens life

The Mediterranean diet, and the pleasant and mild climate… are characteristics that allow us to especially enjoy life.

What you may not have known is that they also help you live longer: life expectancy in Mediterranean countries is among the highest in the world. We will tell you why.

Spanish women live the longest, with a life expectancy of 86.3 years of age, almost six years more than Spanish men, according to the latest figures available.

The second pace is occupied by French women, who reach 85.7 years of age, while French men do not reach 80 years of age, which represents a difference of 6.2 years.

For its part, in Italy women live 85.6 years and men 81 years.

Two of the three countries with the highest life expectancy in the European Union are bathed by the Mediterranean. Life expectancy basically depends on two factors: genetics and lifestyle, stress and quality of life play a very important role in longevity.

Mediterranean countries are characterized by more leisurely, more social, and more enjoyable lifestyles. In addition, technological advances favor better health, advanced treatments, and quality care, especially in more developed countries.

Last but not least, the diet, characterized by little processed, varied foods, rich in healthy fats, helps maintain health for longer and, therefore, to live longer.

It seems clear that we are fortunate to live in an area that extends life. And in your country, is a good quality of life maintained, or is it a stressful place? Tell us in the comments.

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