Benefits of the sea for the body and mind

Benefits of the sea for the body and mind

Taking advantage of the fact that these months the temperatures are still mild in the south of Spain and that the weather allows it, we review some of the benefits that the sun, the sea and the tranquility of autumn have on the body and mind.

We all feel that the seawater, the sun, and the tranquility are natural medicine for our physical and mental well-being. What not all of us know is that there are medical studies that show the positive effects of this combination of factors on our health.

In addition to relaxation and stress reduction, more obvious advantages that a walk on the beach can provide us, marine spaces have been shown to have positive effects on the sleep cycle, negative emotions of anxiety, sadness, or frustration, and unlock creativity.

On the other hand, this environment also provides physical benefits such as the increase in the

 production of vitamin D, the exfoliation of the skin, and the stimulation of circulation by seawater.

We do not know if it is the sound of the waves breaking against the sand, getting out of the routine, work, and hustle or if the milder temperatures and more humid climate that actually benefits the mind but we can affirm that a walk by the beach can lengthen life.

Interesting? And you, do you love the beach or do you prefer the mountains? Tell us in the comments what kind of activities make you feel better.

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