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Typical Andalusian Mediterranean dishes

Typical Andalusian Mediterranean dishes

Andalusia is not only a Mediterranean and Atlantic region, but it is also the largest in Spain, which explains why the gastronomy in each province is very different, even if it follows common general lines.

We take a look at the origin and characteristics of typical dishes such as oxtail, pipirrana or shrimp tortillas, among others.

The first, and perhaps the most representative of Andalusia, the salmorejo. Originally from Córdoba and

 with fresh and simple ingredients, this cold tomato cream is both refreshing and complete for lunch.

Another essential and typical summer dish in Andalusia is Gazpacho. This is a cold soup whose ingredients are: tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion and garlic, adding olive oil, vinegar, water and bread. As an anecdote, the world’s largest gazpacho was made in Almeria.

The shrimp omelette from Cádiz, one of the most visited provinces for its incredible beaches. These flour pancakes, with shrimp and onion, fried with a crispy and fine texture are delicious.

Another essential is the pipirrana from Jaén, surprising for its simplicity: diced tomato, onion, and cucumber salad seasoned with oil and vinegar. A summer essential.

We finish with one of the most traditional dishes, the oxtail. Each province has its version of this stew, also outside Andalusia.

It is very tender and flavorful bull meat cooked over a slow heat that is eaten with a thick and very tasty sauce: a true winter classic.

These are just some of the most typical dishes of this enormous region and, of course, many more that we left out in the inkwell.

We hope that this introduction will serve to interest you in the cuisine of southern Spain and encourage you to try these and other delicious dishes.

And, as we always like, write in the comments section and tell us which are the most typical dishes of your region.

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